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Steamin' Organ, Screamin' Guitar and Slammin' Drums!
Exciting music that makes you want to move as well as listen.
Feel the energy of three musicians groovin' into the unknown.
It rocks, it swings, it sweats and it’s dirty. It's SuperSwamp.

Bas van Lier : Hammond & Vintage Keyboards
Jerome Hol : Guitar
Erik Kooger : Drums


This spring SuperSwamp will be featured on the new album of Eline Gemerts called
"The Gloves Are Off". Eline is the first singer we wanted to work with because of her open mind and her fun choice in repertoire. The results are quit amazing. Check out the "listen section" for some samples of this killer album. Go to www.elinegemerts.com for more info.

SuperSwamp is also still playing the "Kill Bill Project" which is a new look on the great soundtrack and score of Tarantino’s brilliant movie “Kill Bill”. This music contains all the elements of the SuperSwamp way of playing : diversity, humor, style and great energy! What’s not to like when you get to mix up the music of Isaac Hayes, Johnny Cash, Ennio Morricone, Nancy Sinatra, Quincy Jones, The 5.6.7’s, Charlie Feathers, The RZA, Robert Rodriguez (and many more) in one concert? Played the way we like it: Steamin', screamin' & slammin'. "SUPERSWAMP WILL KILL BILL"